4X4 Wheelchair Vans - by Quadvan
4X4 Wheelchair Vans - by Quadvan

4X4 Wheelchair Vans

by Quadvan

When we say we do everything 4x4 Van related, we mean it.

You need to be able to get around anywhere you want to go - and that is where QuadVan steps in with our 4X4 Wheelchair Vans. With upgraded suspension and brakes, you are able to traverse rougher terrain at the beach, in the mountains or down low at the river. You deserve to be able to take a break and see the scenery you want to - now you can.

4X4 Wheelchair Vans

Quadvan works extremely hard to engineer the 4x4 systems in conversion Wheelchair Vans to meet our client's needs. Everyone needs to have fun - and what better way than at the wheel of a 4x4 Conversion Van driving offroad with confidence. Upgraded suspension, wheels and tires, larger brakes and more all add up to an offroad 4x4 package that is hard to beat. The parts are all universally available as well, so if there is ever an issue, repairs are not expensive. You deserve to be outdoors and offroad!

Need a 4x4 Conversion for your Wheelchair Van - or go new!

Perhaps the wheelchair van you have right now is custom fit to you - and you love it but you don't trust it will get you the places you want to go. The upgrade you need is a phone call or email away. If you are thinking new, Quadvan partners with incredible manufacturers who outfit their 4x4 Wheelchair Vans as needed for the client. Never get stuck again and enjoy the drive!

QuadVan Testimonials Reveal Brand Loyalty

Eddie- How stoked am I on my new Quadvan? Let me count the ways. So far we
have: Gone 4 wheeling to 3 swimming holes with 3 kids and wife. Climbed to 9,000 ft in the high Sierras, dragging a 3,000 lb off-road trailer (the only campers on Lost Lake!). Spent 3 hours stuck on Interstate 5 in over 100 degree heat waiting for an accident to clear (Air-conditioning, DVD movies, kids playing on tri-fold bed, and room for the cooler too). Been approached on the street from 2 directions at once by spectators asking about my van. And I haven't even gone surfing in Baja yet! If you need a reference about the quality of your work, the follow-through after the sale, or just what great people work at Quadvan, I'm your guy.

- Kevin Murphy
Hermosa Beach, CA

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